Our Mission

Education in Sierra Leone has been a challenge. The devastating Ebola epidemic that occurred between 2014 and 2016 negatively impacted Sierra Leone especially the Economic, Health and Education sectors. This resulted in the shutdown of the country’s already weak school system forcing children out of school for over a year. The epidemic also impacted families leaving thousands of school-going children orphaned and with no financial support.

The Elizabeth Kanu (TEK) School Foundation is a non-profit organization in Sierra Leone that was founded in 2017. The organization is dedicated to inspiring and improving the lives of families by promoting education in Sierra Leone. We work with schools in Freetown, Sierra leone that were established with the purpose of helping kids that were affected by the Ebola epidemic. The primary reason that so many kids are out of school is because their families cannot afford to pay tuition or buy the required school supplies. We aim to close this gap by investing in these schools – donating school supplies and awarding full-tuition scholarships to students.

Education is a crucial factor in the development of  Sierra Leone as it will foster economic stability and growth. Education also plays a significant role for equality in society, especially gender equality. Today, many girls all over Sierra Leone are kept out of school because of their gender. Allowing girls access to education will not only improve equality, it will create a healthier workforce and improve the economy. At TEK School Foundation we believe education is a basic human necessity and right. Every child deserves a quality education regardless of their social-economic background.